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Dreams after college

NPM     : 27211635
KELAS :  3EB18

After I graduated from college accounting S1 I want to work in Mandiri sharia’ banks to continue their education while majoring in management information systems S2. The main reason because there I can work but still be able to use the "JILBAB". In addition since of Senior High School  I did already have the desire to be a career woman and I'd love to work in a bank as an accounting staff.

But once I understood the nature of the real woman, when in fact it was after marrying a Muslim woman should prioritize her husband in all things, including time. So I decided after I got married someday I will quit my time-consuming work.

I will try to be a lecturer. because I think it is a lecturer is not too time-consuming job, so I can take care of the family but still can teach. interrupted time I will try to be entrepreneurs as well, for example in small businesses, online shop clothes etc.

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Tell my English language skills

NPM : 27211635

I have been learning English since grade 4 elementary school. My english language skills began to develop quite well since I prepare for high school graduation exams first, I understand about the tenses and vocabulary I also can, plus in my vocational English language lessons every Saturday toefl taught. But all that is now starting to forget since college because I rarely diperkuliahan learn English, and rarely speak English practice eventually I started to forget almost everything well tenses, english vocabulary, etc.

now I've forgotten how to make sentences present tenses, past tenses and the future tense listening moreover requested I certainly do not understand. For the vocabulary ability of my vocabulary is not better than my time smp era, now I forget a lot of vocabulary that once I had memorized.

to learn the English language itself was very lazy, because so many college assignments, and to learn English yourself at home was not appealing at all. there is a desire for English language courses but all that until now has not been done because it is so tight schedule of lectures and laboratory case



NPM : 27211635

A figure of Joko Widodo manner Jokowi simplicity, populist attitude and willing to greet people, is the most prominent advantages of a Jokowi. Jokowi advantages is then be packed in a nice and elegant, so the popularity and electability Jokowi relatively stable.

Weakness Jokowi certainly in terms of firmness and integrity, as well as lack of experience in national politics, security and national defense, and foreign affairs issues, be Jokowi weaknesses to date. In addition, figure Jokowi often retreat in the middle of the office is also regarded as a leader of society who ambitious and less trustworthy.

While Jusuf Kalla has the advantages of experience in running a government, but behind it he also has a weakness for has not shown the maximum results. Jusuf Kalla, who come from the business community also has an advantage in the calculation of profit and loss, as well as the usual take decisions quickly, it would be useful for the government. The vice president also has an advantage in sound scooped in each region where JK is very popular in eastern Indonesia. Nevertheless JK background as an entrepreneur will also present a weakness, as an entrepreneur only tends to perpetuate its business so as to result in a broader economic policy.



NPM    : 27211635

Personally, the two figures between Prabowo and Joko Widodo has advantages and drawbacks of each. Prabowo is persona he is a leader candidate quickly, decisively and character, leaders such sorely missed when people are getting less sympathy with the figure of the leader of the nervous and hesitant in taking decisions and easily dictated.

On the other hand, the figure is more Prabowo has the spirit of nationalism and patroitisme that had been embedded in a soldier. Voters who want this kind of figure that I think is still very much. But on the other hand, Prabowo was identified as a highly feudal and less populist. Another drawback, Prabowo was linked with human rights case, which until now is still a powerful weapon to bring down a Prabowo figure.

While Hatta Rajasa who is a technocrat from lack of reading opportunities, with the exact calculation. In addition rajasa Hatta also has advantages in the scooped sound in each region, where the Hatta region of western Indonesia.

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Tugas Bahasa Inggris 2

Sejarah Kota 

Nama   : Yugi Susanti
NPM    : 27211635
Kelas    : 3EB18


There are at least three statements about the origin of the name of Surabaya. The first statement says , the name originally was Churabaya , cross the village on the banks of the Brantas River . It was stated in the inscription of the first quarter in 1358 M .Surabaya is also the name is listed in the State Pujasastra Kertagama written MPU prapanca . In that paper Surabaya ( Surabhaya ) listed in pujasastra on cruise travel in 1365 were done Hayam Wuruk , King of Majapahit .
However Surabaya itself is believed by experts have been there in the years before the inscriptions were made . A Dutch researcher , GH Von Faber in his Werd En Een Stad geboren ( A City Is Born ) hypothesized , Surabaya King Kertanegara founded in 1275 , as a new settlement for his soldiers who had managed to quell the rebellion in 1270 M

The next version , the name Surabaya is closely linked with the story of life and death fight between Duke and Sawunggaling Jayengrono . That said , after defeating the Tartars ( Mongols ) , Raden Wijaya who was the first king of Majapahit , establishing the palace at Ujung Galuh , now the port area of Tanjung Perak , and put Duke Jayengrono to lead the region . Long Jayengrono increasingly strong and independent because the science Crocodile , thus threatening the sovereignty of Majapahit .

To conquer Jayengrono ,  Sawunggaling who mastered Sura gone  magic fight  is done at the edge of the river near Paneleh Kalimas . Magic ramming it lasted seven days and seven nights, and ended tragically , they died of exhaustion.

In the other version again , the word of Surabaya emerged from the battle between the fish Suro ( Sura ) and Boyo ( Baya or crocodile ) , symbol of the struggle between land and sea . The depiction of the battle monument contained in existing suro and boyo near the zoo in detail what  Surabaya street.

The latest version , released in 1975 , when Mayor Subaya Soeparno set a date May 31, 1293 as the anniversary of the city of Surabaya . This means that in 2005 the Surabaya already 712 years old . Determination was based on an agreement that established a group of historians that the city government of Surabaya name comes from the words “sura ing bhaya” meaning of courage to face danger.


Jakarta began its history as a small harbor town called Sunda Kelapa Hindu kingdom in the days of Padjadjaran . They came from Malacca in 1522 as a messenger of the Governor of Malacca , to establish a fort near the mouth of the Ciliwung river . In 1527 the Portuguese were back with a small fleet without knowing that Sunda Kelapa has fallen into the hands of Fatahillah . Then the battle was won by Fatahillah , a new name for Sunda Kelapa : Jayakarta , which means complete victory " . Incident that occurred on June 22, 1527 , which eventually serve as the anniversary of the city .

In 1596 the Dutch first came to Jayakarta led by Cornelis de Houtman . Then they set up the VOC in 1602 . 1619 by Jan Pieterszoon Coen , Jayakarta razed and built a new town named Batavia . The city subsequently expanded and became the center of the Dutch government . After Batavia fell to the Japanese in 1942, the name was changed to Jakarta .
After the proclamation of independence in 1945 , Jakarta established as the capital of the Republic of Indonesia . 1950 to the Municipality under the leadership of Mayor . In 1964 the provincial level and elevated status called Special Capital Region of Jakarta ( DKI ) under the leadership of Governor.


Sumenep a regency in East Java, which is in the East end of the island of Madura, can be regarded as one of the most important areas in the history of Madura. We can find the websites of culture that to this day is still the object of that district pariwisata.Di, many scattered small islands are rich in natural resources and agricultural products. In fact, this district is filled with the history of kings is still a fascinating attraction for material tela'ah and observations for the community. Even more interesting, in this district you will find a boarding magnificent, beautiful and modern.

His name, Pondok Pesantren Al-Amen Prenduan. As a cadre of print boarding mundzirul qaum, the boarding school became part of the history Sumenep. As evidence, if the district is full of history, we see the bias of the gate of the grand mosque in the middle of the city.


Sampang In Majapahit Period in Sampang placed a Kamituwo which rank only as a duke , so it may be said that a stand-alone kepatihan . When Majapahit power began to retreat in Sampang Ox Peteng Ario , the son of King Majapahit Princess Campa.Yang replace Kamituwo in Sampang is the oldest son is the Menger Ario keratonnya remain in Madekan . According to the story Demat Southwest continued walking towards the journey he ate rudimentary leaves , fruits and anything that can be eaten , and that night he slept in the woods where he could take shelter .

The old lady replied that the tree is not Palakaran several villages located far away from that place . With the transfer of the old woman continued toward kedesa Palakaran Demat and accompanied by several people who met on that journey.

At the time of demat Palakaran sauatu dream that would later replace him is kiyahi Pragalbo that will reduce community leaders are good , the eldest son of his father Pramod told to reside in Sampang and lead the city 's government .

He married the daughter of Wonorono in Pamekasan because he also mastered Pamekasan so mean Sampang and Pamekasan shelter in the kingdom , as well as Nugeroho ( Bonorogo ) succeeded his father who berkeraton in Pamekasan two areas that are still under the power , after power Sampang Bonorogo apart again with Pamekasan each ruled by Duke Pamadekan ( Sampang ) and mastered by Panembahan Ronggo Pamekasan Sukawati , both sons Bonerogo


Several centuries later , we are told , that there is a country called Mendangkamulan and dominion of a king named Sangyangtunggal . At that time the island of Madura is an island divided , What this shows is that in the area of Mount Geger Bangkalan and mountain areas Sumenep.Diceritakan Pajudan further that the king had a daughter named Bendoro Gung . Who one day pregnant and known to his father . King grew angry and ordered his assistance called Pranggulang to kill his son. He therefore did not continue to kill the child king , but he chose rather not go back to the Kingdom . At that time he changed his name to Kijahi Poleng and clothes in dressing well with Poleng ( Meaning Poleng , woven fabric Madura ) . And the pregnant girl was seated on it , and it was in hanyutkan gitek get to the island " Honey Oro " .

At the time the girl was pregnant it felt stomach pain and immediately he called Kijahi Poleng . Not long Kijahi between Poleng came and he said that Bendoro Gung will bear children . Thus the mother and the child becomes the first inhabitants of the island of Madura .

Many boats sailing on the island of Madura often see a bright light in the place where Raden Segoro silent , and often stop the boats anchored on the ground and hold salvation . Other than that the visitors gave gifts to Mrs. Raden Segoro and the children themselves . Her mother was very scared anyway so he summoned kijahi Poleng . Kijahi poleng Segoro Raden invites to go ketepi beach .

At the time it came true two giant snakes and Kijahi Poleng Segoro Raden told that two snakes that were approached and subsequently arrested and slammed into the ground . The spear by named Poleng Kijahi Nenggolo Si and Si Aluquro . The Patih Arriving in Madura , he continues to meet Raden Segoro and express the will of King . Raden Mother Segoro bring Kijahi Poleng and ask his opinion , whether the king will be granted or not .

Raden Segoro departed with the weapons Nenggolo . Finally, King Raden Segoro Mendangkamulan for help win the battle in the Chinese army , and after the king held a great feast because it can repel the enemy . King intends to take as a child Raden Segoro mantunya . Raden Segoro asked permission to go home first want to ask her mother . At the same time the mother and her child fled away and the house is called the Palace of Nepa . Because it until now 2 spear it into Bangkalan Heritage


Bogor apart means kawung stump , also means meat kawung tree commonly used as sago ( in Bekasi area ) . Bogor in Java language means kawung tree and a verb meaning dibogor tapped . In ancient Javanese language , means pabogoran Kaung garden . In general Sundanese , according Coolsma , L Bogor means droogetapte kawoeng ( palm trees that had been depleted tapped ) or bladerlooze en taklooze boom ( tree with no leaves and no branching ) . So together with the sense of the word pugur or Pogor . However, in Sundanese mogoran muguran with different meanings . The first imposed on tree leaves begin to fall due to aging , which means both at home overnight in the sense that women are less moral . Opinions rumors that it means pamogoran Bogor could be considered too idle .
After so long gone from the historical arena which means roughly a century since 1579, the city was once inhabited 50,000 squirm again shows the characteristics of life . The ruins his life began to grow again thanks to successive expeditions conducted by Scipio in 1687 , Adolf Winkler in 1690 and Abraham van Riebeeck in 1704 , 1704 and 1709 . Areas under their control in harness , a VOC need to know the area first. To examine the area in question, carried expedition in 1687 led by Scipio assisted by Lieutenant Sergeant and Lieutenant Patinggi Tanujiwa , a Sundanese Terah Sumedang .
Of the expedition and other expeditions , not the discovery of settlements in the former capital of the kingdom , except in a few places , such as Cikeas , Coventry , Kedung Halang and Parung Angsana . In 1687 also , Tanujiwa who had orders to open forest of Camphuijs Padjadjaran , finally succeeded in establishing a settlement in Parung Angsana which later was named Kampung Baru . The place was then became the forerunner of the birthplace of the Bogor Regency established later . Other villages founded by Tanujiwa joint forces members are : Parakan length , Parung Kujang , Panaragan , Bantar Teak , Sempur , Baranang afternoon , Parung Bull and Cimahpar . With the Kampung Baru into a kind of Government for other villages .
Document dated 7 November 1701 as Chief calls Tanujiwa Kampung Baru and other villages located in the upper reaches of the Ciliwung , De Haan began a list of governors of Kampung Baru or Buitenzorg from Tanujiwa figures ( 1689-1705 ) , although officially merging districts only occurred in 1745. Bogor in the year 1745 is set as the Buitenzorg city without the bustle of the city means nine villages combined into a single administration under the Head of Kampung Baru is given the title Demat , the area is called Kampung Baru Regentschap which later became Regentschap Buitenzorg . During the reign of Governor -General Baron van Imhoff ( 1740 ) built a resort , on the site now Bogor Palace , named Buitenzorg .
In the 1752 , in Bogor has been no stranger , except the Netherlands . Botanical own newly founded in 1817 . Landmark Village initial Bogor Botanical Garden was in there at the location of the cactus plant . The market was established in the village location of people called Bogor market ( until now ) In 1808 , Bogor was inaugurated as the center position and the official residence of the Governor -General . 1904 by the decision of the Governor General Van Nederland Indie Hoofplaats No. 4 in 1904 to include an area of 1,205 Buitenzorg consisting of 2 & 7 Subdistrict Village , is projected to 30,000 Souls .
In 1905 Buitenzorg converted into GEMMENTE by the Gazette in 1926 that was later refined by the Gazette 1926 No. 328 .
1924 with the decision of the Governor General Van Nederland Indie No. 289 of 1924 coupled with teak Bantar village and the village of Tegal Lega area of 951 ha , 2,156 ha so wide reaching , 50,000 projected for the Soul.
Subsequent developments , in 1941 , Buitenzorg formally separated from Batavia and got its own autonomy . The decision of the Governor General of the Dutch East Indies No. . 11 in 1866 , No. . And No. 208 of 1905 . 289 of 1924 states that the area at the time of Bogor area of 22 square kilometers , consisting of two sub- districts and 7 village .

Under the Law. Bogor City 16 1950 is set to be a big city and the Municipal Subdistrict divided into 2 areas & 16 environment . 1981 amount to 22 Urban Village , 5 districts and 1 sub-district representatives .
Last in PP . No. . 44/1992 the District Representative Land Sareal upgraded to the District , now there are 6 districts and 68 villages.

In the midst of the city there is the Garden which was built since 1817 by a botanist , Prof. . Dr. . RC . Reinwardth with an area 87 hectares and there are 20,000 species of plants belonging Species role in 6000 and is the largest botanical gardens in Southeast Asia

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Tugas Bahasa Inggris 2

Error Analysis

Nama   : Yugi Susanti
NPM     :  27211635
Kelas   :  3EB18

1.       There are much books in the library.
2.        A group of students are discussing the homework.
3.       The president of Iran or the president of Turkey are attending the meeting.
4.       Neither they nor my sons never does the school task.
5.       Not only my mother, but also my father have been in London.

1.       There are many books in the library
2.       Some students are discussing the homework.
3.       The president of Iran and the president Of Turkey are attending the meeting.
4.       Neither they nor my sons does the school task.

5.       Not only my mother, but also my father has been in London.

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Tugas Bahasa Inggris 2

Artikel The Jakarta Post 

NPM     : 27211635
KELAS  : 3 EB18

Ahok vows to continue Jokowi’s programs

Jakarta Deputy Governor Basuki Ahok Tjahaja Purnama says in the event he becomes governor because Joko Jokowi Widodo has won the presidency, he would continue the citys current and priority programs under the New Jakarta paradigm.

I will continue the existing programs according to the vision and mission we formulated when we first took the office, he was quoted as saying by news daily Kompas recently.

He said that with political support from the City Council and residents, he would continue flood mitigation programs namely, the ongoing revitalization of Pluit Dam in North Jakarta, dredging waterways, relocating riverbank squatters to low-cost apartments and the development of new reservoirs and public transportation projects aimed at mitigating Jakartas notorious traffic congestion.

Though the agenda might be the same, the style of an Ahok-led administration would diverge from Jokowis. For instance, Ahok said he did not think it was necessary to conduct blusukan, the impromptu visits that have become Jokowis trademark, on as frequent a basis.

Political analyst from the University of Indonesia (UI) Donni Edwin said on Tuesday that Ahok, with his direct, coarse leadership style and minority background, would face attacks from political enemies were he to become governor.

There will be political pressure, and resistance will come from people who have been disadvantaged by the policies of Jokowi and Ahok. These people may use his ethnicity, religion or temperament to try and influence public opinion, he said.

He said businesspeople, thugs, squatters or old-time bureaucrats who held a grudge against the two might be able to mobilize people better than the silent majority that supported Ahoks leadership and programs.

Donni added that the City Council would blow with the political wind while gauging public response in determining its support for Ahoks putative governorship.

Meanwhile, political parties have voiced mixed reactions to the possibility of Ahok becoming governor.

Jakartal City Council Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) faction chairman Boy Bernardi Sadikin played down speculation that Ahok would face attacks for his ethnicity, religion and leadership style.

It is not the right time to have such a perspective. Those holding onto such a political horizon are not ready for the New Indonesia. All leaders are the same regardless of their religion or ethnicity, Boy said.

City Council deputy speaker Abraham Lulung Lunggana from the United Development Party (PPP) said his party would have no choice but to accept Ahok.

They were chosen by the people and its in accordance with the law that Ahok replace Jokowi if the latter is elected as president. We just expect less controversy and more substance from Ahok, he said.

Lulung pointed out, however, that politesse was necessary to maintain political stability.

According to the 2004 Regional autonomy Law, Ahok will be immediately sworn in as governor to replace Jokowi if the latter, who was recently nominated by the PDI-P as its presidential hopeful, won the rxace.